Does bulk loader create indexes according to specified schema?

Hi guys, I have questions about bulk loader.

I use dgraph bulk -r import.rdf -s = schema.txt --map_shards = 4 - retrieve_shards = 1 -z dgraph_zero_1: 5080 for importing my test data (about 14M rdf). As you can see, I specified the schema for the bulk process. When I start the server with the imported data I get the error message: Attribute city is not indexed with type term. Does the bulk loader follow schema and it makes indexes?

Schema file contains city: string @index(term) .

I’m running environment in docker compose and my dgraph image version is Digest: sha256:28216761637e6c0d17245c99c61cd5e2f0e33339574c84b4c5d62154c578d5e6

I have created index manually, but I don’t know when it will be finished and I can be sure that everyting is indexed.

bulk loader does create indexes according to the specified schema file. Can you please share your schema.txt file.

Hi janardhan.

I tried the bulk import one more time with same data and same config parameters and schema.
This time everything is working. I’m little confused what happened.

I’m doing lots of experiment right now and if it will happen again I try to collect more information about import process to be able to reproduce it.

Thanks for response.

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