Can I add data to previous RDF import

First Time I import People in rdf like:

_:ub0038814 <name> "Juping" .
_:ub0038814 <sex> "male" .

Next time i found i forgot the phone number…so i add another RDF file

_:ub0038814 <phone> "13566754567" .

But the phone won`t related to Juping…

What is the solution? thanks…

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The reason behind this issue is _:ub0038814 is treated as a blank node and the node cannot be identified with _:ub0038814 once the mutation has been performed.

There are 2 ways to update:

  1. Performing another mutation to update the predicate of the node. To do this you will have to know the uid of the node to update.
  2. Using upsert. You can get the uid of the node by querying and then updating the node using mutate.