Can someone break down the pricing into the SaaS world? (how much $ does a million reads and writes cost?)

Hi, this is for real a really dumb question, but I just want some guessing/estimation. I know it is not possible to compare it like that

Background: I am building now my app architecture, and I want to cache public data into .json files, and private data into Cloudflare Durable Objects . Now I am asking myself how much how far I should Cache, if I should cache only frequent accessed data or every e.g user profile (which is a basic read, no complex query). JSON cache + cloudflare cdn is basically free (yeh yeh some cents for S3 storage) so I don’t care 'bout that, but Durable Objects cost money. I want to cache stuff of course to give my dgraph server more rest even on high load.

I pay for Durable Objects 0.35$ per million reads, and 1.15$ per million writes (and some cents for CPU time and so on but we don’t want to make the comparison too annoying now).

So, If I have the minimum production setup (with High Availbility ON (since Durable Workers are HA too) (look at screenshot), and I have on average a load of 50%: How much would I pay for a million basic reads and a basic writes? (basic read/write explained: just a basic read/write e.g retrieving a user profile. NO complex query using “joins”(even though thats still very cheap in dgraph but i dont want to compare that now since I will use dgraph for complex ‘join’ queries anyway, hence forget now about complex queries. I really want to compare only basic read/writes))

How much would I pay, can someone maybe estimate a $ price? Would it be cheaper than Durable Object pricing or the same or even more expensive?