Dgraph Cloud: Slash GraphQL and Dedicated Instances Pricing

Hello Everyone,

We have two important announcements to make about Slash GraphQL and Dgraph Cloud.

Slash GraphQL

To remove the limitation on the number of backends a user can create, we have updated our pricing for Slash to $9.99/backend/month. Each backend includes data transfer of 5GB/month, with $2 per additional GB. Paying users may now create upto 100 backends. The data transfer is pooled at an account level, so having two backends includes 10 GB of data transfer that either backend may use.

Existing users will be automatically moved into the new plan when their next billing cycle starts after 30 days, and will also receive the notice of these changes via email.

Slash GraphQL also offers a free tier. It includes one backend with data transfer limited to 1MB/day. If you currently have more than one backend, don’t worry - your existing backends will continue to work! For any new free tier user, it’s limited to one backend per account.

Dedicated Instances

We will also be launching dedicated instances for those looking for better performance, have large amounts of data, or simply wish to have more control over their Dgraph database. There are a few features that are available to dedicated instances which are not available to Slash GraphQL, for example:

  • Ability to set up ACLs and grant users permissions to different predicates
  • Advanced Monitoring and metrics
  • Ability to resize your instance with hourly billing
  • Launch in GCP or Azure (coming soon)
  • VPC Peering (coming soon)

We have also launched a pricing calculator so you can quickly estimate the cost of your Dgraph cluster.

We are currently accepting early requests for Dedicated Instances. Please reach out via Slash GraphQL support or drop us a note here.