Bump 1mb limit on free instance up to 10mb please?

$40/month is super cheap for running a backend for a business. However, there’s like 5 different hobby/side-projects that I’d like to prototype and ship, just as proof-of-concepts. But I can’t justify spending $200/month to host those projects. The reality is that 1mb/day isn’t enough. One project I’d like to do is import my data from https://roamresearch.com into a Dgraph instance, and then build a ‘Andy-mode’ UI, but the export from my Roam graph is well over 1mb, so I can’t even import it into a free DgraphCloud instance.

Previously I made a comment about the lack of a decent hobby-plan not being an issue. However, it’s obvious to me that this is actually a problem.

I’d happy pay $5-10/month for mini-instances if they weren’t so severely limited.


Another good reason for this is testing. I need 2 databases for every project. One for production, and one for development (possibly 3 if you have a big project and team). Just me alone, I use 1mb for testing without trying. Paying $40 for the testing project is not preferable.

That being said, I am happy to donate an extra $40 a month to Dgraph. I just don’t know if the forum users are getting anything back in return except for sporadic communication and empty promises. If you up your game, I think there would be less worries about the price.