Cannot subdomain our Dgraph Cloud URL

Why can’t I put a cname dns entry pointing to my Dgraph Cloud URL?

The DNS entry is populating, but I am getting a too many redirects error.

Has anyone been able to cname their cloud url?


We’ve tried doing this unsuccessfully as well, and would really appreciate a solution, especially for support with automated persisted queries through a CDN: Automatic persisted queries - Apollo Server - Apollo GraphQL Docs

That said, we’ve been able to accomplish this via an origin redirect in a Cloudflare Worker … (and even caching for HTTP post queries)

Even still, I would still prefer the ability to directly do custom CNAMEs if that is possible, or if Dgraph Cloud can formally support that. I would also be fine if that’s a premium feature that requires an enterprise plan.

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Good to know it was not just me. Thanks!

I’m don’t believe this feature was ever built into Dgraph cloud.

Even if you cname a custom domain to the cloud domain, Dgraph cloud only offers a certain set of whitelisted SSL certificates, so things will not work. That said, I’ve never seen a redirect loop (unless it’s a weirdness of the load balancer seeing a domain it doesn’t recognise). Fronting DG Cloud with a CDN Is probably your best work around atm.

@NClevenger Dgraph does support APQ btw. You can just use APQ as it is, and use a free CF domain to forward requests to Dgraph. Also, you can use @cacheControl to set a max-age,, so that the APQ get query gets cached. Combine these two, and you can save the big bucks with a cheap plan from CloudFlare! (or fastly, because CF will only allow you to set max-age to 24h except on a higher tier plan).