Can't execute tour part "a bigger dataset"

I’m stuck at the tour section “a bigger dataset”

I created my local dgraph instance through docker-compose, as suggested in the installation instructions. The given command doesn’t seem to take this case into account.

I tried to tweak the command using my limited docker knowledge without any success.

Could the doc be updated?

docker ps:

sudo docker ps -l
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                  COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                NAMES
5bd437edd576        dgraph/dgraph:latest   "dgraph zero --my=ze…"   29 hours ago        Up 20 minutes>5080/tcp, 8080/tcp,>6080/tcp, 9080/tcp   dgraph01_zero_1

My altered command:

docker exec -it dgraph01_zero_1 dgraph live -r 1million.rdf.gz --zero localhost:5080

2018/02/28 02:48:34 While trying to setup connection to Dgraph server. error: context deadline exceeded

Of course, 1million.rdf.gz is present in the current directory.

From the output of docker ps, I don’t see dgraph server process running. Are you sure it is running? Could you share the docker_compose.yml that you used?

The command assumes that these instructions were followed to run Dgraph.

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I followed those instructions (The 1st link from your link) with an exact copy/paste of the given docker-compose.yml.

The dgraph local instance is working fine, all previous steps of the tour went well.

Sorry, wrong docker ps (extra -l)

Complete ps is:

sudo docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                  COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                NAMES
5bd437edd576        dgraph/dgraph:latest   "dgraph zero --my=ze…"   32 hours ago        Up 4 hours>5080/tcp, 8080/tcp,>6080/tcp, 9080/tcp   dgraph01_zero_1
17d3f7b58f2c        dgraph/dgraph:latest   "dgraph server --my=…"   32 hours ago        Up 4 hours>8080/tcp,>9080/tcp                       dgraph01_server_1
41ee4fbeb433        dgraph/dgraph:latest   "dgraph-ratel"           32 hours ago        Up 4 hours          8080/tcp,>8000/tcp, 9080/tcp                           dgraph01_ratel_1

Btw the install page ( mention a fix needed to /tmp/data which is nowhere in the docker-compose file. Doc update needed?

Can you try this command then?

docker exec -it dgraph01_zero_1 dgraph live -r 1million.rdf.gz --zero localhost:5080 -d server:9080
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Processing 1million.rdf.gz
2018/02/28 06:06:14 open 1million.rdf.gz: no such file or directory

which makes sense. 1million.rdf.gz is on my local computer, not in the docker instance… Guess I’ll docker exec wget… [update] wget is not in the docker env (and that’s good)

Or you could mount the volume as well.

Couldn’t do it in the end. Docker-fu too low :cry:

I have another solution for you, just copy the file from your host into the container before executing the live loader command.

docker cp 1million.rdf.gz dgraph01_zero_1:/dgraph

Docker can be a bit tricky sometimes.

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Im experiencing the same issue but running it natively on mac. No docker.

dgraph live -r 1million.rdf.gz --zero localhost:10000

Dgraph ver 1.0.3.

I was able to get this running dgraph bulk -r 1million.rdf.gz -s 1million.schema --zero localhost:10000 .

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Can you share logs from a running dgraph server, zero and dgraph live?

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