Schema backups and versioning

Can we show the GraphQL schema history of changes? It would be useful to revert back in case a user accidentally ends up modifying some fields and such.


I was thinking, since I keep my schema in GitHub and it’s versioned already, introducing versioning to Slash GraphQL will be redundant.

So is there some way to utilise GitHub hooks to automatically update schema in Slash GraphQL, upon commit to a special branch?

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The schema for my app is not in GitHub, it’s only in Slash. If I mess up, I’ll have to bring it back from memory I reckon.

I see that it has been added to dgraph in this PR by @balaji. Has it been brought to Slash’s UI? @thiyaga @gja

We will be adding support soon. We could never bring it to v20.07-slash because Balaji mentioned that there was a large refactor in how zero worked, so it could not be cherry picked cleanly. V20.11 will be live for all clusters on slash in the next few days.

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Even if 20.11 is live on clusters, it would need some work on the UI for anyone to use it on Slash, right?

I know this is older now, but here is how we did it.

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