GraphQL+- on Slash!

Hey All,

We just wanted to announce that we are working very hard to bring GraphQL± to Slash GraphQL. We’ve been listening to you, and this has been the most requested feature for Slash.

Do note that we are rolling this out in two phases, for the two most common use cases

Phase I - GraphQL Mode

In GraphQL mode, backends will get initialized via a GraphQL schema, exactly how the are today. You will still have access to the /graphql endpoint for querying and mutating data. However, we will also allow access to APIs that are required for opening transactions, running queries and mutations over GraphQL± such as /query, /update, /commit.

This mode is targeted at people who will use /graphql and expose it to the world, but maybe do some more complex queries and inserts through GraphQL± via an API server.

Access to /alter will remain blocked, as overriding the schema may cause unexpected behavior when querying via the GraphQL endpoint.

Do note that since the schema is applied via GraphQL, predicate names will be set scoped to the type, so type User { string name } would create the predicate “”.

We are targeting the end of July/Mid-August to have GraphQL mode ready for general use. We are still trying to figure out some things like how Authentication would look like.

Phase II - Classic Mode

We will be introducing Classic Mode for those who are looking for hosted Dgraph in a more traditional model, having a server that talks to dgraph over GRPC. In this mode, you will have full access to /alter in order to create a schema, but /graphql will be not be accessible.

We are targeting to have classic mode live towards the mid/end of september.



Great News!

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GraphQL± support on Slash GraphQL is definitely what i’ve been waiting for!!! This is amazing !!!

Also super happy that you guys are going to be supporting Classic Mode! That’s great to hear :slight_smile: Not everyone wants to jump right into GraphQL right away. They want to learn the basics and everything that makes Dgraph… well Dgraph!

Hoping that Enterprise features of Dgraph get introduced into Slash GraphQL in the near feature too. I know personally, i’d like to have ACL, TLS, and Encryption features available to me. But I know those will all come in time.

Nice job Dgraph team! Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

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