Custom DQL function

What I want to do

I want to add custom function in dql query like match.

I’m going to create a special function for my use case using machine learning. It will work similar to match Is going to accept 2 arguments as string and return the percentage of how much is matching.

Is there any way to use custom functions in dql query ?

Hi @panakour
I think dql does not have what you want. It contains some set of predefined functions.
If you use GraphQL you might be able to write a custom lambda resolver that can help you to get what you want. In that Lambda Resolver you can get data calculate the percentage and after that sort data and return that.
If that’s what you need let me know maybe I can help you with an example.

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What I want actually is to use this custom function in an Upsert Block and conditionally mutate some data depend on the percentage of that function. I don’t need that function in the graphql while retrieving the data.