How to implement `custom resolvers` in DQL?

Are there any way to implement custom resolvers in DQL?
Because I want to use facets, so I can’t use GraphQL.

If you want to query DQL in GraphQL (query the facet), there is Custom DQL. However, for mutations, the only current method is to create a Custom Mutation in a Lambda.


Thanks!But I like dql more,I want to padding value to predicate by grpc/http request with DQL query, like custom resolvers in GraphQL. Could dql use the feature by some special ways? :grimacing:

DQL is meant to be a server side query language while GraphQL is meant to be a client side API (which can also be used server side).

That being said, I highly doubt any such thing as you requested will ever be available.

Workaround: wherever your backend is, put there your custom query.