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Is there a way to view data within dgraph like a spreadsheet? Ratel doesn’t seem to fit my use case coming from the SQL world. I have multiple new projects I’m starting and would like to use Slash DGraph however one of the factors is the ability to view all the data and make updates easily. It would be great to see each structure as a table and go from one structure to the next following an edge. I’m used to using Sequel Ace for making changes to tables. Is there something out in the community for this even for connecting to any graph database?

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That is kind of possible, but not practical. SQL and Graphs are pretty different worlds concept.

We can have a “table view” in Ratel. But the functionality would stop there. Also this could be a very strange way to view it. As Graphs are nested, you would have nested “pseudo-tables”.

Thanks for your response Michael.

Here is an example from a schema I just started. I can’t add/edit data very easily.

I think a table view would be very helpful. Say you had a schema such as Users and Posts. If you went to Users, it would show all Users. You could filter it. You would see that in a table form. Any edges going out from there say to Posts would then take you to a new table of Posts just for that user. The ability to add/edit the data for that structure would be very helpful.

Does Ratel do this? Any open source projects that are close to this? If not, I might consider starting one :slight_smile:


If you mean “explore” the data based on the Type Schema. Ratel doesn’t do that. It has some stats in the panel schema. But not so fancy.

I ran into the same issue and didn’t want to write an admin UI myself. I can highly recommend having a look at It’s a product to build internal tools with minimal code. You can easily connect your DB via GraphQL and render the data in a table.

That’s a great idea, I’ve used retool before. Thanks!

It would be cool to be able to edit and filter the data in the Data Visualizer like in firestore:

Cool feature to add one day after all the necessary security updates…



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