Deploy Dgraph cluster on AWS, non-containerized


Looking for any pointers on deploying Dgraph on AWS. Looking to deploy a non-containerized version.
There was a similar post by someone for a single alpha/zero setup. Struggling getting a production quality DGraph instance setup - #7 by vespertilian

Does anyone have the instructions for it?
[vespertilian][Cameron Batt] mentioned he would write up the instructions for it. Not sure if it is contributed some place.

Overall you just need to install the binaries. And have a DNS system for internal communication between instances. Or some private network connecting them. In this case configuration and security details are up to you.

From Install Scripts (Linux/Mac)



So I ended up setting it up on AWS with ECS which is similar to docker compose. I have not documented it yet as I got busy (new job), and I want to document a node library I have been building first (GitHub - vespertilian/dgraph-js-extras: A library of helper functions to accompany the dgraph-js library). Also not sure if my setup is really a great setup. Dev-ops is not my speciality.

That said, here is a screen capture of my AWS ECS settings which might help you.




One of the issues that stumped me is how to backup and restore when upgrading versions. My solution, which I tried once successfully was to attach an AWS EFS volume to the docker container and backup to that, then restore in another ECS instance from the EFS backup.

I hope that helps you a bit.

I don’t feel like this setup is great, but for now it’s fine for me. I don’t have users so I can always blow away my old DB. I don’t want to spend any more time on managing a DB in 2019. I am hoping they get a hosted service I can just pay for by the time my app is actually ready, this is my side project so I have a lot of other features to work on.

I asked about a hosted version in the roadmap. Maybe add your 2c there.

If you get stuck I will try to answer but it will likely be on the weekend when I have some time.

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