Dgraph Cloud Release July 27th 2021

:rocket: Hey all - We did a release of Dgraph Cloud Today.

Key highlights -

  1. ACL UI for dedicated clusters. No need to launch Ratel - now you can create users, groups & manage ACLs directly on the cloud console.:sunglasses:
  2. Shards :battery::battery::battery:- Now you can increase no. of shards while launching a dedicated cluster. Sharding helps the cluster to scale horizontally. You can increase no. of shards of your existing dedicated backend from Settings > Modify Backends. Read more about Database Sharding in Dgraph
  3. Reload Schema Button :arrows_counterclockwise:- Now you can re-fetch the schema on GraphQL page, this is helpful if you are working with multiple namespaces and you want to set custom headers.
  4. Updated GraphiQL to the latest version - We have fixed the bug :beetle: where the error messages were not being reported in the response object.

:sunny: Preview -

  1. ACLs

  2. Shards

  3. Reload Schema Button


Love this release!


Serverless pay by usage pricing would be great!

I noticed that the cloud console ACL page doesn’t have β€œselect all” options in the column headers, like Ratel.

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Hi @RickSalmon - Thanks for bringing it up, we will add it in the upcoming release :+1:

Hi - would you like to share your use case?

Pay as you go cloud pricing like Mango Atlas Cloud is just super useful as costs are in direct function with actual use, e.g. very predictable and often scale directly with revenue, and therefore very attractive for any startup to start out with pay-as-you-go platforms instead of any competitor with fixed tier pricing.
And as you know, once you chose a platform in the beginning, it’s not that often that it is changed later on.