Dgraph Cloud Release June 30th 2021

Hello Community,

We have done a major update to Dgraph cloud today. Dgraph 21.03 ( Resilient Rocket ) is available for Dedicated instances. Now going forward any new instance on Dgraph cloud would be launched with all the new capabilities of 21.03.

Details of all the 21.03 release can be found at : Release Notes v21.03.0 - Resilient Rocket
Information related to all new capabilities can be found at : https://dgraph.io/docs/dgraph-overview/

On top of all these new features of 21.03, we have introduced following changes to our cloud offering in recent weeks

New Instances Type introduced for Dedicated (24th July 2021 )
Keeping in mind different type of usecases, we have introduced the feature to select different machine type for your dedicated instances. You would see following options to select from while launching a dedicated instance in cloud.
M - General Purpose - These instances provide a balance of compute, memory and networking resources, and can be used for a variety of diverse workloads
C - Compute Optimized - These instances are ideal for compute bound applications that benefit from high performance processors
R - Memory Optimized - These instances are designed to deliver fast performance for workloads that process large data sets in memory.

Updated shared tier pricing ( Effective from July 15th 2021)
We have revised our shared pricing from 9.99 USD per month to 39.99 USD per month. The decision to make the change was based on the cost and future support/improvements for the shared tier of cloud.

CORS changes ( June 8th 2021 )
CORS is now part of GraphQL schemas itself. The tab for CORS for cloud UI will be disabled going forward. How to add CORS info in the schema can be found at https://dgraph.io/docs/graphql/admin/#adding-cors

DQL Explorer ( 16th June 2021 )
We bring you the easiest way to interact with your backend using DQL from cloud UI. Now you can easily perform queries and mutations in Dgraph Cloud UI without visiting Ratel. Feature can be accessed through : Dgraph Cloud

HA for free-shared backend ( 8th June 20201 )
All the free & shared instances are now HA. This improvement will help tremendously with the reliability and performance of your free/shared instances.

Apart from this we have also made a lot of stability and performance fixes related to different areas like Lambdas, Invoicing, Subscriptions etc…

Limitations in Cloud( which will be addressed ASAP in coming weeks )

  • Currently in Cloud UI for Multi-Tenanted clusters only Namespace 0 is supported. Users should be able to leverage Ratel or APIs to work with and manage other namespaces. Direct queries to all namespaces are fully functional on 21.03 backends.

Discontinued Features

  • Backups and Clone will be disabled for free and shared instances as these operations are at the cluster level. But will soon enable the export functionality, which can be leveraged to take dump of the data as backup. This exported data can also be used with liveload to clone the data to other backend.

Upcoming Features

  • Audit logs ( next week )
  • Exports for free shared from UI ( next week )
  • CDC Improvements ( Coming soon … P.S. Currently configuration for it can be done through APIs )