Dgraph Cloud Release May 7th 2021

Hey All,

We did a release of Dgraph Cloud Today.

Release Name: Data Visualizer Studio :sparkles:


  • We bring you the easiest way to explore data on Dgraph Cloud. You can quickly have a look at the data and query & filter GraphQL types with a rich preview.
  • Data Studio makes it easy to access and navigate related data from both sides of the relation. Just click on the related field and drill down.
  • Apply text & boolean filters (others coming soon!).
  • Image URLs are rendered as images for rich preview, this can be disabled as well.
  • “Copy GraphQL Query” option has been discontinued, we will bring it back soon along with DQL support in the upcoming release. Also, support for edit & creat operations is in the pipeline, this will enable you to interact with your data with full CRUD functionality.
  • Enhanced monitoring page for dedicated clusters, better visualization, improved date time picker.
  • Added gRPC endpoint in the settings page to copy from.

What makes a type predicate sortable? It appears that the type has to be ! and @search to be orderable? Why is this a constraint to make something orderable?

Also If I have a String @id field it is not searchable?

type User {
  id: ID
  username: String! @id
  isContact: Contact!
type Contact {
  id: ID
  firstName: String @search(by: [hash, term, fulltext, regexp])
  isUser: User @hasInverse(field: isContact)

The firstName is searchable for Contact, but username is not searchable for User, even though it is through the API.

Also clicking on an edge to a different type by uid is not opening that node?

The type has to be ! (non nullable) and @search to be orderable right now.

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@thiyaga, Thank you for the quick zoom call to debug the issue of pagination for subsequent edge traversals.

I like having this “Data Studio” to be able to see and visualize the data with a UI underneath the API (GraphQL) layer. This gives me the feel of being able to work with the data at the data level like I had with PHPMyAdmin for MySQL. Looking forward to having more sorting, filtering, and the rest of the CRUD operations at this level.

This GUI is easier to generate a quick DQL query (and soon mutation) than trying to remember exact DQL syntax when I am generally in the GraphQL syntax in the front-end.

I really think this will go a long ways to help early adopters (especially those who only know GraphQL) to get started easily. Again—reminding me of when I was new to MySQL and utilized the PHPMyAdmin interface to do most everything because I could click and point to what I wanted and the SQL was generated for me that I could then copy and use in my application.


@amaster507 The type of the field doesnt need to have ! (non nullable) now for being sortable.

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