Slash GraphQL Release February 18th 2021

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Today.

Release Name: Dgraph Cloud is all you need :gift:


  • With Slash Graphql now a user will be able to create three different types of backends from the UI and the Slash Graphql CLI tool

    ** Starter (Free Instance)
    One Starter backend is allowed per user with a limitation of 1MB data transfer per day
    **Slash Graphql (Shared Instance)
    Users can create any number of slash graphql backends with $9.99/month/backend for 5 GB Data transferred + $2/GB beyond that.
    ** Dgraph Cloud (Dedicated Instance)
    Users can create any number of dedicated backends based on the enterprise needs with varying resource configurations. Details on Dgraph Cloud pricing can be found at and also while creating the Dgraph Cloud backend.

  • User will now be able to modify the backend type from Starter to Slash Graphql and the other way around by clicking modify Backend in settings.

  • Additional settings like Jaeger tracing, ACL’s, High Availablity which are available for Dgraph Cloud can be enabled/disabled by clicking modify Backend in settings of the Dgraph Cloud Backend.

  • Search and Filter is now added in Data Visualizer to make your data search experience even more simple. You can copy your filtered query from the Data Visualizer and use it with ease.

  • Simplified our UI around the settings page, Billing page, and Launch backend to enhance the user experience.