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Posted by chris-carrington:

Forum Post: Dgraph World Domination!

Cloudflare has this offering called Cloudflare Workers which is Serverless + instead of our code being pushed to 1 region, it’s pushed to each of Cloudflare’s 200+ regions around the globe, they call this The Edge (b/c we’re pushing our code right next to end users)!

Cloudflare Workers may be written in Web Assembly & Go may be converted to Web Assembly & Dgraph is written in Go, so what if Dgraph was converted to WebAssembly + deployed around the globe + on the Edge!

Thank you!

marvin-hansen commented :

That’s a bit of a stretch, but what you can do is this

  1. Use workers as distributed K/V cache before hitting DGraph (or any other DB on origin)
  2. Add some Rest API atop of workers and call them as @remote. See Docs below
  3. A combination of both i.e. process some data in workers using cached KV data, and only send the end result to DGraph or any other DB.


Technically, it’s feasible to globally distribute a DB across hundreds of regions, in fact Google is doing just that, but it requires really sophisticated engineering and usually some Atomic / GPS clocks to ensure proper syncing. Don’t know if you really need that…