Important cooperation Request: Cloudflare TCP Cloudflared Tunnel Worker Driver

Hi we really need this cooperation. It is a very awesome feature!! I also plan to use dgraph in combination with CF workers, that feature will make my life/experience a lot of more awesome! and it will be huge free marketing/publicity/attention for dgraph.
It also basically solves the problem that I once asked if it isn’t problematic to expose the GraphQL API endpoint naked like it is, because it would be an easy DDOS target. With Cloudflare as a layer in between, all that fears vanish!

Everything is here described:

They already did a partnership with and mongodb. They also have a connector already for MySQL and PostgreSQL

They are excited to add more integrations

Here is their mail address [email protected]

Please make that happen :pray: Cloudflare is a great company I even bought one cloudflare stonk @100 because I believe so much in them (i hope there will be one day a dgraph stonk too)

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I’ve reached out to Cloudflare to understand what’s needed for the integration.


thank you very much buddy!!

as I understood myself, there are basically two things:

  • Cloudflared setup (“Allows your applications to connect securely, through a encrypted tunnel, without opening any local ports.”): so basically that whole networking tunnel TCP setup
  • Worker Driver: basically just a JS libray that does NOT depend on nodejs stuff (since workers run on V8 engine), and connects to that Cloudflared tunnel

here is an example how that is implemented with PostgreSQL:

This feature would be very very nice since you could basically advertise on the dgraph website “anti-ddos graphQL endpoint with authorization, making development as easy as it never was! powered by cloudflare!”

BTW they have even made official partnerships with two startup databases called FaunaDB and Macrometa. I think if you dribble/negotiate it right you could establish a partnership too! this would give dgraph much growth and attention! We have to give cloudflare reasons why they should make with us a partnership (but I think they might somehow benefit from us too, since integrating cloudflare in the dgraph cloud benefits them too)

Click here to see the links, very useful to see what reason they had to do the partnership, so you know the best way to establish a partnership too. this really could be a big booster for dgraph what it really needs

Cloudflare Partner Page
Blog: Macrometa partners with Cloudflare to extend the Edge


Macrometa and Cloudflare enable building apps that typically require massive investments with high technical risk and complexity to be built intuitively and quickly. Imagine building a SaaS web app, e-Commerce, gaming, or cybersecurity application that runs distributed in 100s of global regions in hours - that’s the power of Macrometa and Cloudflare together.

Compose your applications’ business logic and front-end code as Cloudflare Workers and use our SDKs and REST APIs to connect, store, query, mutate, search, stream and process data on Macrometa’s Global Data Network (GDN) instantly anywhere in the world. Build and run your app’s backend across “region earth” instead of a single region like “US West 1” or “US East 3” - all in a way that enables developers to build full-stack geo-distributed applications completely serverless.

Macrometa basically took Cloudflare CDN as a whitelabel and they call it now GDN.
this is something dgraph can do too! also the idea of not using single regions, and instead the “region earth” is a very nice idea that would also fit into dgraphs world view!

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