Dgraph Data Analization Ideas

Found this to give SQL developers practice with real world(-like) data and questions to analize and/or project ideas.

It would be really neat if Dgraph had something like this

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Thanks for the pointer @amaster507. We keep this idea in our plan to redesign our user experience (documentation tutorial etc …). Today we have dgraph-io/benchmarks repo with some data but which could be enhanced (We are planning to push some realistic datasets created from public Kaggle use cases) . We also have some videos explaining how to rapidly build applications for application developers using GraphQL approach. But I agree that we have material to setup a list of interesting projects from app dev to data science using Dgraph. We will work on that…

@Raphael are you part of the Dgraph Team? You are missing the flair

I know ! Setup of discuss to be finalized so that I appear as CoreTeam and announcement coming soon. But i could not resist responding to your post as having good projects for beginners (and others) to work on is of importance to me.


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