Dgraph Migration tool and live load

I am running Dgraph standalone.

The migration tool worked fine for me while migrating from mysql to dgraph.
I tried to run the mutation in ratel for the data :
However, the relation predicates for the nodes seem not just after the nodes are created and that is causing the new uids for the relation links created later.

I tried live loading the data: dgraph live -f sql1.rdf -s schema1.txt
I got this error E0423 08:13:49.824987 22466 xidmap.go:150] Error while getting lease: rpc error: code = Unimplemented desc = unknown method AssignUids for service pb.Zero

I am not sure what will be the easiest way to import the data along with their relation edges quickly.
(Just for an info : I am trying to import the mysql sakila database)

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