Dgraph now has a Slash branch

Hey All,

After a lot of discussion with the team, we decided to have a separate branch of Dgraph for Slash. This is mostly to accommodate features that would likely go live in a future release, but would be very useful to Slash users immediately. As an example, remote export is likely to go live with Dgraph 20.11, but is something that would be useful for managing Slash backends.

Currently, Slash backends have been running off Dgraph master. Going forward, we will be using images from the release/v20.07-slash branch of Dgraph (which we internally copy to Amazon ECR when we deploy to staging and prod). We will also be pushing the docker images for this branch to our docker hub, in case anyone wants to run the same image locally for testing.

We will be periodically merging changes from the release/v20.07 branch, as well as cherry-picking targeted commits from the master branch (with caution). We will not have any features available in Slash’s Dgraph image that is not available in master



Is there a standalone docker image for v20.07? I want to fire up a quick test in docker with this version without needing the mess with my big instance.

I don’t believe it’s out yet, we should be releasing later this month.

You can however, do a

docker run dgraph/standalone:master

Which runs the latest master branch, which would be pretty close to v20.07 at this point.

It will not validate any schema with the example authorization:

# Dgraph.Authorization X-My-App-Auth https://my.app.io/jwt/claims HS256 "secretkey"

Could you share which commit that was from? (hitting the /health endpoint on alpha will return a json with this debugging info)


The Dgraph.Authorization format is changed. PR
@vardhanapoorv is working on the PR to update the docs.

Good to know. Thanks. Here it is in this thread too for anyone else:

# Dgraph.Authorization {"VerificationKey":"secretkey","Header":"X-Test-Auth","Namespace":"https://xyz.io/jwt/claims","Algo":"HS256"}
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