Cherry Pick Commit Request for Slash from Master

Thank you for the Slash release today. If I am reading and understanding the versioning and commit log correctly, then it appears that these items are not yet included:

Can these be pulled into the next release?

There are probably many any others as well looking through the master branch. Maybe this is already on the timetable for Slash ~20.07.1 non -rc


Hi @amaster507,

Let me sync up with the team here. These PRs have landed in master, but they haven’t gone through the rigorous testing I’d want them to have before they get onto Slash. As of now they are scheduled to go live in 20.11. I believe filters is going to 20.07, so I can try to pull that one in the next release.

Let me sync up with the team and figure out how confident they are in these changes, and I’ll see if we can get them live sooner.