Dgraph Product Roadmap 2021

:heart_eyes: String Functions in DQL

:partying_face: The Need for Update auth after logic

:sunglasses: Using @auth on individual fields?

:nerd_face: Can predicate add a unique index? - #3 by amaster507

:cowboy_hat_face: JSON (blob) as a scalar - #10 by amaster507

:star_struck: :100: :exploding_head: :sparkling_heart: :boom: :scream: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I fully 1,000% support this idea. This sounds similiar to what @mrjn mentioned in his latest podcast appearance about Dgraph supporting subscriptions for updates. This would really help with syncing with 3rd party tools or doing any kind of data migration between two systems.

I would’ve liked to seen Proposal Nested Object Filters for GraphQL rewritten as var blocks in DQL but I can work around it myself for now. Taking a brief look at Gremlin… if that gets implemented then maybe there would be possible workarounds using some gremlin as a custom resolver. It appears to be more object-oriented language based and I would assume it would get implemented with it’s own endpoint interpreted by custom go functions and not rewritten to DQL. It seems like a functional language like that would be better implemented directly to it’s correlating Go functions.