Next Release Date 2021 - 21.07?

So it seems you guys have a versioning system based on dates since 20.03.

However, there was no July release (nor a beta back in June). Obviously 21.03 wasn’t released until May, and didn’t get completely put in the cloud until June (not to mention other things going on).

So, I was just wondering if you had a tentative release date for the next version?

My two cents is that if you need to skip 21.07 to get back on track with 21.11 (having the beta ready to go in October), that would make the most sense.

I love new features as much as the next guy, but I understand this may be better in the long run :slight_smile:

Either way, just wondering what the expectations are.




Oh the problems of not following semantic versioning…

@MichelDiz - Could you ask the powers that be when the next release will be?


Around this month I guess. 80% sure.

Next release will be 21.08 featuring serialize roaring bitmaps and much more. The plan is to release v21.08 first on cloud by the end of Aug and to have GA public release by mid september.

We are currently in the process of making master stable and soon we will announce the release candidate with all the optimisations we have added in last couple of months so that you guys can start playing around it.


@aman-bansal Is there any update on this?

@MichelDiz any information at all?


Soon guys, just need some things to loop before release.