Dgraph Ratel docker run issue

I am using the following command to run dgraph’s ratel ui,

docker run -it -d --name dgraph-ratel-ui -p 6000:8000 --network dgraph_default dgraph/dgraph:v21.03.0 dgraph-ratel
as per the docs and I am receiving the following error. Please guide me how to fix this.

Also, kindly improve the documentation quality

It seems like the container is being created but there are some errors when dgraph-ratel is executed in the container.

Please, for now, use dgraph:v20.11.3 for Ratel. There’s no difference in using an old image. We gonna fix this soon.

Okay, agreed! But that should had been mentioned in the docs, doing so could have prevented this overhead for the team. Thanks for your response @MichelDiz.
Thank you for your awesome support.


this hasn’t been fixed for the latest v21.03.2 . I’m getting dgraph-ratel command not found when using the latest image.

ratel image here if you need it

I’m running version 20.11.3 to get ratel, gonna take a look at that image