Get started page is not up to date

I was running an older version of dgraph standalone docker and it worked fine. Recently I have updated to the newest version and I haven’t been able to use it. After some searching, I have discovered that the ratel service was no longer available inside this docker.
This change hasn’t been mentioned anywhere, even on the getting started page it is stated:

This would start a single container with Dgraph Alpha , Dgraph Zero and Ratel running in it. You would find the Dgraph data stored in a folder named dgraph of your home directory .

I was able to find the solution only after searching here.
Please update the documentation, thanks :slight_smile:

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I had made a recent change that fixes this for standalone (5 days ago). You can get all three of those (Dgraph Alpha, Zero, and Ratel) with this container: dgraph/standalone:v21.03.0. To verify that you have the right version, the repo digest should be: 51aa92019d16fa0482ecd2335a8efeb2d73837e2ea6655735e4245cfdd110541

You can verify with:

docker pull "dgraph/standalone:v21.03.0"
docker inspect "dgraph/standalone:v21.03.0" | jq -r '.[0].RepoDigests[]'

(Note: the example uses jq tool to extract desired key/value from JSON)