Dgraph 23.1.0 Is Generally Available on Dgraph Cloud, DockerHub and GitHub

Hi Dgraph Community,

After the successful launch of Dgraph v23.0.0 in May’23 we have released Dgraph v23.1.0. It is available both as the Open Source version and on Dgraph Cloud. We would like to thank the community for their contributions and the Dgraph team for their efforts to make this release happen.

This release also includes performance enhancements, many bug fixes and a few security fixes that we believe will greatly enhance your user experience. You can find the complete Changelog for v23.1.0 here

Some of the key highlights of this release include:

  • GraphQL @id field uniqueness at interface level
  • Support for RDF response via http query request
  • Performance improvement of parsing of large queries with conditional mutations
  • Replace panic in live loader with errors
  • Fix bulk loader to run without DQL (with only GraphQL) schema
  • CVEs and security fixes
  • Badger version upgrade to v4.2.0
    • Added more granular disk read/write metrics
    • Multiple bug fixes

As with our previous releases, again we have made improvements to our CI/CD and test infrastructure.

The release binaries and release notes are now available on GitHub. The docker images for dgraph/dgraph and dgraph/standalone are available on DockerHub.

Please note that all newly provisioned backends on Dgraph Cloud will now be running Dgraph version 23.1.0. The free and shared clusters in all the regions and most of the dedicated clusters have all been upgraded to 23.1.0.

Please file Github Issues with the label v23.1.0 if you find any problems or bugs in this release or contact@dgraph.io.

Thank you for choosing Dgraph,

Dgraph Team


This Dgraph releases page does not list 23.1.0. The table shows the latest release is 23.0.0. To be consistent with the rest of the table, it should list the 23.1.0 release and link to this article.


Thanks for the call-out @rahst12. The release table update and docs for v23.1 are now live. We’ll get tighter about this moving forward.

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