Dgraph Release v23.0.0 is now Generally Available

Hi Dgraph Community,

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Dgraph v23.0.0 in both the Open Source version and Dgraph Cloud. We would like to thank the community for their contributions and the Dgraph team for their efforts to make this release happen. We also would like to thank all customers and community members who participated in our Beta program and provided their valuable feedback.

This release is of utmost importance as it aligns the Dgraph database engine in the Cloud with the Open Source version. By doing so, we can now make new versions of Dgraph available in the Cloud simultaneously with the Open Source release, ensuring seamless access to the latest features and enhancements across both platforms.

This release also includes exciting new features, improvements, important security fixes, and many bug fixes that we believe will greatly enhance your user experience. You can find the complete changelog for v23.0.0 here.

Some of the key highlights of this release include:

  • Badger version upgrade to v4.1.0 with critical bug fixes to prevent corruption
  • Go version upgrade to 1.19 with added go metrics
  • Improved stability and performance for backup/restore
  • Enhanced Drop Data to be namespace aware in a multi-tenant system
  • 500+ CVEs and security fixes
  • Significant enhancements to our CI/CD and test infrastructure

The release binaries and release notes are now available on GitHub. The docker images for dgraph/dgraph and dgraph/standalone are available on DockerHub.

Please note that any new backend provisioned on Dgraph Cloud, both AWS and GCP, will now be running Dgraph v23.0.0. Existing backends on Dgraph Cloud will continue to run with the version they are on, unless they are requested to be upgraded.

Please file Github Issues with the label v23.0.0 if you find any problems or bugs in this release or [email protected].

Thank you for choosing Dgraph,

Dgraph Team


The helm chart supporting Dgraph v23.0.0 has been released at: dgraph 0.1.0 · helm/dgraph

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The docs page says: “v22.0 (latest)” is the latest.

And the releases page is also missing v23.0.0:


What was the old version of Badger? I’m looking at the Badger Release Notes for which critical bug fixes were addressed.

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Doc will be updated soon.

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Dgraph v22.0.2 used Badger v3.2103.5, so all changes that you see on the Badger release page for Badger v4.1.0 and Badger v4.0.1 have gone into Dgraph v23.


Curious about how the upgrade process in Cloud might work? I’m assuming the only safe way to upgrade would be to provision a new instance with new version, import data, run tests to verify that everything is working, then switch over to the new database and remove the old one?

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Hi Ben,

Export, import should work as expected. We are also in the process of finishing upgrade testing using Backup and Restore. We have not seen any issues with it yet [1, 2, 3]. We also would like to do a simple stop and start upgrade (and eventually rolling upgrade) but we have not tested it yet. We will post more details when we have finished upgrade testing. We are also working on a plan for upgrading the cloud customers.

[1] (wip) fix (Ldbc changes) - add ldbc inplace upgrade test by SashaDgraph · Pull Request #8823 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub
[2] Upgrade testing for multitenancy by jbhamra1 · Pull Request #8799 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub
[3] https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/pull/8792

Thank you


Hi @Meghalim_Sarma,

Is there a way to have my new backend use the latest Dgraph version on a shared cluster in Dgraph cloud?
I tried to launch a new backend as a shared cluster for my org (note I am not the owner) but it is using the same version as before

Hi Luvesh,
Thanks for your interest in the latest version of Dgraph.

Unfortunately, we only have v23.0.0 available for dedicated Dgraph clusters as of now. We are working on making this version available for shared backend and we will update the community as soon as we have it.
Thank you

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Is there any sort of timeline in mind for when v23 will be available on shared backends?

Hi All,
I am excited to announce that latest version of Dgraph, v23.1.0 is available for Shared backends across all our Shared Clusters. Also all existing Shared backends were upgraded and all of these are now running v23.1.0.