Dgraph retel ui is always loading

Dgraph retel ui is always loading. What problems lead to this?

I’ve faced similar issues when I have a long running ratel session. @paulftw any ideas?

p/s @tss: hard refresh and it will go away.

My browser is easily accessible, but my colleague’s keeps loading. How to hard refresh?


still loading all the time. Does that have anything to do with the amount of data in the alpha node?Or is there a question of access?

Are you guys having issues with the internet connection? Ratel tries to reach the CDN first, that might be the case. So, try to load the local bundle.
e.g: http://localhost:8000/?local

@tss if you are getting endless “Loading” - try opening https://d1ocqy7wcgv7nr.cloudfront.net/static/js/main.js directly in the problematic browser.
If you get an error at that URL - the error message will tell you more about the reason.
If that URL is fine, but ratel is not - can you please paste browser’s dev console output here?