Start dgraph-ratel, but I can't open UI page normally

(Pldawn) #1

My system is Centos, I install dgraph binary v1.0.5.
Zero and Server are listening to the default port, ratel is listening to port 8000.
Then I use chrome to access the port, but I can’t open UI page normally.

But I can open it normally when I use dgraph v1.0.0.
So what changes in lastest version?

(Michel Conrado) #2

Get the Ratel v1.0.5 binaries to be sure. And try another browser or try “anonymous mode”.

Show your Chrome console results.

(Pldawn) #3

I have try what you said, but nothing changes. Chrome console result is following.

GET 0 ()
(anonymous) @ (index):1
(anonymous) @ (index):1
GET 0 ()
(anonymous) @ (index):1
(anonymous) @ (index):1

this two GET requests are all failed.

(Michel Conrado) #4

Centos, right. ***** You can curl for “google”? in the same env of the Ratel. Ratel has permissions to access outside internet?