Dgraph running on Windows

I am trying to run DGraph on windows 7 through docker
I have followed the given steps but not getting how to run docker-compose.yml

Is there a specific error you are seeing?
What compose file are you using?

The one which is given in manual.


step 2

Actually when I execute docker compose and try to run dgraph command, bash shows the error dgraph command not found

Which command are you trying to run? If you want to run queries, you should use ratel UI to run queries. You can also use tour.dgraph.io and run queries on your machine.

just trying to install DGraph. So I was followimg instruction from.manual.
There is an instruction that type Dgraph zero after running docker compose

You can skip those instructions. Those instructions are needed if you are not using docker-compose.

Oh Okay, Thanks!
. I will try without docker-compose

can you help me with this error?

Invalid mode…what does it mean?


Take out the volume params in the command. “-v ~/dgraph:/dgraph” - As You’re using Windows with a simulated linux terminal. So I guess This param don’t work on Windows. Switch to CMD or Powershell and follow the instructions for Windows in the Docker documentation. Or just remove the volume param.

obs: Make sure that there’s no other containers hanging out there. use “docker ps” and “ps -a”

btw You can use Docker compose tho. But you need to use “Docker exec”. https://docs.docker.com/engine/reference/commandline/exec/
First you compose up, then you do “docker ps” and get the ID from the target container and run:

docker exec [OPTIONS] CONTAINER (name or ID) bash


docker exec -it “container-id” bash
docker exec -it “container-id” /bin/bash

OR some other binarie instead of bash.

Alternatively you do not need to use Docker. Just download the dgraph.exe binary and run locally.
See releases => https://github.com/dgraph-io/dgraph/releases
The file is



Thanks a ton!!
Btw this .exe format will be applicable to distributed DGraph or not? I mean I need to connect two machine in distributed manner for DGraph. So will it work?

All builds of Dgraph works the same. Maybe some flags works differently on Windows context. But it will work as intended.

Okay but localhost:8000 is not connecting to server while running DGraph-ratel.Any tips?

Ratel has another binary. “dgraph-ratel.exe” so are you using it?
What are the logs from it?

yes I have executed it in cmd then it is showing listening to port 8000. But in firefox it is not connecting to the localhost:8000

Only https://play.dgraph.io/ is connecting.

That’s odd. Try to run:

dgraph-ratel -addr localhost

Yeh I tried but it is showing address already in use.
Sorry I think this may be a silly error but I have just started with these things. So…

Change the addr and port. Or check what is using it.

btw, you can use https://play.dgraph.io/ tho. Just point to localhost:8080

But in play.dgraph.io mutations are not allowed. Anyway to resolve that issue?