Welcome to Dgraph

Welcome to Dgraph.

This is the forum for both Dgraph developers and users to discuss things together. If you need any help using Dgraph, this is the right forum to ask it. You can generally expect a reply within a few working hours.

You will also be able to find discussions regarding project direction, questions regarding bugs, features, and other resources to make using Dgraph easier and smoother.

Note that official Dgraph documentation is hosted at https://docs.dgraph.io.

Feel free to use this forum. We’d love to hear from you!


The documentation is currently being moved to https://docs.dgraph.io. Any feedback about this forum or documentation, please feel free to reply here. I’ll keep this topic open.

I am running dgraph through docker. after running docker-compose when I type dgraph zero it shows dgraph command not found. why?

Hi @amipandatdoc,

Docker compose runs a container. So to access this you have to use docker exec docker exec | Docker Documentation

You need to get acquainted with Docker. Or maybe install Dgraph direct on your machine.
see https://docs.dgraph.io/get-started/#from-install-scripts-linux-mac

Btw, Please open new topics for new questions.