Dgraph v1.2.7

Hey folks,

Dgraph v1.2.7 is now available.

Release binaries and release notes are available at GitHub.

Docker tags: v1.2.7

You can also install the release with the quick install script:

curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | bash -- --version=v1.2.7

As always, please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.

Keep building smarter apps!

– The Dgraph team

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This versioning is still really confusing…

What is this release 1.2.7? How does this align with the Dgraph version 20.07.x and 20.11?

Is this not the same Dgraph that is being released in the other versioning? Is this a badger release? Is this an enterprise release? Why is this versioning not on the same date formatted version control?

v1.2.7 is the patch release for the Dgraph v1.2.x series which was originally released in January 2020. This predates the calendar versioning scheme of v20.03 and v20.07, which is why it doesn’t follow it. It is still supported, which is why continue creating new patch releases for bug fixes.