Dgraph v20.07.3 release

Hey folks,

Dgraph v20.07.3 is now available.

Release binaries and release notes are available at GitHub.

Docker tags: v20.07.3



  • Chore(bulk): Change default compression to zstd:3.
  • Build(dockerfile): Set GODEBUG=madvdontneed=1.
  • Updating badger version 3f846b3.


  • Update kubernetes links to match 20.07 config files
  • Fix(dgraph): giving users the option to control tls versions
  • Feat(dgraph): making all internal communications with tls configured
  • Feat(dgraph): enabling TLS config in http zero ([#6691)


  • GraphQL
    • Fix(GraphQL): don’t update cacheMb if not specified by user
    • Fix: added comment docstring for ExportInput format
    • Fix(GraphQL): fixes issue of multiple responses in a subscription for an update.
    • Fix ErrIndexingInProgress if schema update fails
    • Fix(GraphQL): fix panic error when we give null value in filter connectives.
    • Fix(GraphQL): reduces polling duration of subscriptions.
    • Fix(GraphQL): add enable schema cleaning in GraphQL and reduce schema update time.
    • Fix(GraphQL): fixes flaky test for subscriptions.
  • Fix(DQL): ignore ordering of indexes in schema with eq function (DGRAPH-2601)
  • Fix(worker): fix eq filter for non-index predicates.
  • Fix(Alpha): Immediately take a snapshot if we don’t have one
  • Fix(Dgraph): Type names in exported schema are surrounded by brackets.
  • Fix(ludicrous mode): Handle deletes correctly
  • Fix(worker): Avoid panic in handleUidPostings
  • Fix(gqlParser): Handle strings with only whitespace in parseID
  • Fix(Ludicrous): Upserts on list type in Dgraph
  • Enterprise features
    • Fix(backup/restore): fixes backup and restore with DROP operations
    • Generic alpha log error message for failed ACL login

Please let us know about your experience with this version of Dgraph.


This is a patch release for Dgraph v20.07. Please checkout Dgraph v20.11 for the latest release and information.