Dgraph v22.0.0-RC1.20221003 release candidate

Hi Dgraph Community,

We have a Dgraph release candidate v22.0.0-RC1.20221003 for you to try and provide feedback.

The release candidate binaries and release notes are available on GitHub.

Based on the feedback we have received over the past few months, we have changed the release numbering scheme to semantic versioning. This version is called v22.0.0. The subsequent patch releases will be named as v22.0.y, the subsequent minor releases will be called as v22.x.y and the next major release will be v23.0.0. Minor releases will contain small features and bug fixes and major releases will contain sizable code changes.

Release v22.0.0 is based on v21.03.2 and is backward compatible with it. Databases created with v21.12.x will not work with v22.x.x and there is no upgrade path.

We have fixed 380+ CVEs and brought in a few fixes from the v21.12.0 release into this version. In addition, we have made significant enhancements to our CI and test infrastructure.

We have enabled CI using Github Actions and stabilized test harness, the Community is welcome to contribute further towards this effort. In our effort to improve CI/CD, we have added Code Coverage, Go Linting, Go Reports and TODO filters. We have also opened up Github Issues with Issue Templates to get as much information as possible from the reporters. Please refer to the release notes for further details.

We will continue to support both GraphQL and DQL. The support for v21.12 has been discontinued. Important bug fixes and features from v21.12 will be picked up in future releases. Keeping in compliance with semantic versioning, all future minor and patch releases will be upward compatible and breaking changes will be made only in major versions.

We would like to remind the community as mentioned in an earlier post that this release is intended to get our engineering and release processes in place. The subsequent releases will include features and fixes prioritized with the guidance of the Project Steering Committee (PSC).

Please note that this is a Release Candidate and not the official release.

Please file Github Issues with the label v22.0.0 if you find any problems or bugs in this release candidate.

Thank you all.

– The Dgraph team




Congrats Team Dgraph! Exciting to see things get moving again!

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Will this release be available on Cloud? If yes, when will it be (roughly) available?


We thank you and the entire community for your patience over the past few months. Things will keep getting only better from here onwards as we get more help from the PSC and the community.

@Poolshark, we have an explicit effort going on to improve cloud operations. There is no date for the cloud release yet. We will update here as soon as we have an estimated date.


Great news! Can we expect docker image to be published? I can’t wait to run our integration tests against new RC.


hey @Grandys we will be getting the images out this week. We have made significant changes to our CI steps, and you could follow these steps locally today on the repo’s main branch.

We are adding a contributors section to our docs, which will facilitate this process.

cc @MichelDiz @matthewmcneely

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Hello @akon,
This new RC works great on my project, all tests, including concurrency ones, pass with no error.
I hope to see new features on DQL language.
Keep up the good work.


Hi @myo thank you for the feedback. We will be working with the PSC to prioritize the DQL features.


Finally some great news… and a very constructive work. Looking forward to the future of Dgraph.


Hello. Where is the new docker image for v22.0.0-RC1-20…?

You can build your own like this:

FROM ubuntu:22.04
LABEL maintainer yourNameHere
RUN apt update
RUN apt install curl -y
RUN apt clean 
RUN curl https://get.dgraph.io -sSf | VERSION=v22.0.0-RC1-20221003 bash -s -- --accept-license
RUN mkdir /dgraph
WORKDIR /dgraph
CMD ["dgraph"]
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When will the work on modernizing the clients be addressed?

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Can you go in the client and open an issue please? pointing out what is missing for you. Thanks!

There are issues around protobuf that need to be addressed.

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Hi @myo , and likers.

I will be sure to bring forward the feature requests for DQL feature requests at the PSC meeting this evening.

If you have any specific ones you’d like me to bring up (I have my own), then please let me know!

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In release v21.12.0 backup-restore was made open-source (Make backup-restore open source by ahsanbarkati · Pull Request #8067 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub). Please ask to pull that also into the upcoming version.


Hi @Mentioum,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Here are my main requests for DQL:

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Hey @vladimir apologies, I had missed responding here. The images for v22 will be made availble at ~5pm PST today. I will send you a message here once we get that out. This will be powered by our new CD pipeline.

Unfortunately, I was not able push this out earlier - because the steps needed a stable automation. Now that we have our CD pipeline, we will be able to build out these artifacts in a standardized way.

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@vladimir we have made our release and the containers are available for download here & here