Dgraph v2.0.0-rc1 release candidate

Hey folks,

Please try out our latest release candidate v2.0.0-rc1. If you find any issues, please let us know so we can address them before the final v2.0.0. See the full list of changes on GitHub.

Link to binaries: Linux, Darwin, Windows.

Also published on Docker tagged as v2.0.0-rc1.

Note: This is not the official release. You won’t be able to get these binaries using the get.dgraph.io quick install script.


The Dgraph Team

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Three questions:

  1. Is there any hope for a policy to keep the data format constant within one version number so we can update just the container without the permanent data export-import?
    I understand this is a pre-release, and things may break or change at any time, but my real question is whether you even consider keeping the format stable for all 2.x versions? It’s really frustrating to constantly export/import especially when I can’t do a round-robin patching of a running cluster.

  2. Has the new GraphQL endpoint actually been tested on an HA cluster?
    When I did my testing on a single node, everything worked exactly as supposed, but since I am working on a 5 node cluster, I am facing an endless series of totally strange issues, several of them already reported.

  3. Is there a rough estimate when the final version arrives?

Thank you

With Dgraph adopting calendar versioning starting in v20.03.0, any patch releases for that release series will not contain any breaking changes.

These should be addressed in the latest v20.03.0 release which was released in March.