Dgrave live and unknown service api.Dgraph

Hi folks,
I think I have to open this new post to get things answered. A similar posts is Go client and grdp, Alter returns 'unknown service api.Dgraph', but I couldn’t really get it solved. So:

I am trying to bulk insert data into dgraph with dgraph live, using

dgraph live -r 1million.rdf.gz --zero localhost:5080 -c 1

(This is a tutorial example from https://tour.dgraph.io/moredata/1/)
The command fails with a huge number of error messages, each reading

2018/09/20 15:03:20 batch.go:125: Error while mutating unknown service api.Dgraph

and alike.
I have the following running:

dgraph zero
dgraph server --lru_mb 4096 --zero localhost:5080 -o 10

No ratel running. System is ubuntu 18.04.01, Dgraph version: v1.0.8

Thanks for your support!

You’ve passed in the port offset flag -o 10 to dgraph server. In the dgraph live command, you’ll also need to specify the endpoint for the server since it’s not on the default port.

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Thanks dmai
Adding a

-d localhost:9090

did the job.

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Nice. Glad you got it working as expected.