Go client and grdp, Alter returns 'unknown service api.Dgraph'

I am trying to make go client work following the examples in your doc page but to no success. Dial executes fine but when I execute Alter within the example it fails with unknown service api.Dgraph. I am not doing anything special, can you please help me out?

(i have tryed with both ports on zero server to no success, the only thing that is different, I am not using docker and have built dgraph on my own on freebsd and since the dgraph server connects to zero server without any problems (grdp), i would presume there is no issue in protocol, on both sides (client and server) the sources were obtained using go get and at almost the same time so i would presume the source code is from the same branch)

You have to use the grpc port of Dgraph Server. If you ran dgraph server without any offset, the grpc port should be 9080. If you share the commands you ran to start Dgraph and your code for using the client, I can help further.

dgraph server??? Ok, this explains it, i thought that zero server is used as a front end for all connections as I am connecting over httpd proxying to dgraph zero with rapel and it works… thank you very much, now it works. :slight_smile:

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