Discuss Platform Migration

On Friday, December 15th, we will migrating the Discuss platform to a hosted Discourse instance. The migration will start at 7am PST and should last just a few minutes.

Leveraging a hosted instance of Discourse will allow for better scalability and reduced management. As part of this change, the sender of forum email notifications will change to notifications@dgraph.discoursemail.com.

Please let us know if you notice any issues.

To be honest, I’m not fully sure what this means. Is this Discuss platform shutting down? I also see Dgraph on Slack. Where’s the best place for the Open Source community users of DGraph to be collaborating and sharing information?

Just a hosting migration and it was completed last Friday. There are a few different channels currently, though the benefit of Discuss is long-term history and indexing by search engines.

You guys should move to slack & use what @mrjn is building (struct) looks more promising!

Managing something like discuss is a mess, moving to a hosted provider for the same is a bigger mess. Plus with some modern toolsets you will probably get more AI driven insights and summaries, which will make it easier to search and operate.

I have always found the dgraph team delivering a great product, but with poor developer experience. If you approached the problem top-down, this would be a great switch to something like struct.

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