Why have I suddenly been subscribed to every post on this forum?

Today I started getting emails about every single new topic in the Dgraph forum. I haven’t touched the settings for my account, and I don’t see a way to stop them.

Please turn them off and switch to using GitHub instead, which is the standard way to work with open source communities.


Agreed. Dodging GitHub is a terrible idea.


It looks like mailing list mode got turned on for everyone. You can turn it off in your preferences.

Dgraph forum admins:

I would recommend setting the default mailing list mode to off. I would also set the default email digest frequency to weekly. You can find these in the Admin->settings->User Preferences

Most of us prefer to get the digest emails weekly. This is one of the best features of discourse – the weekly digest emails – this allows us to easily keep up with a project community without being overwhelmed by notifications. Overall, I find that discourse is extremely well done, and feel it is one of the best ways for a community to communicate. @mr_rustbot how do you suggest using Github? Would you open an issue for every discussion thread?


There are GitHub Discussions and GitHub Issues. Issues are for programming related things like bugs or feature requests. Discussions are pretty much just forums where people can talk about things, come up with ideas, ask for help, etc.

Here is the GitHub issue with Dgraph users voicing their opinions on this subject: GitHub Issues are being deprecated. · Issue #5947 · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub

Hi @mr_rustbot and @cbrake, thanks for letting us know! Yesterday, we migrated our Discuss service to another server, this setting likely became enabled during the process. We’ve gone ahead and disabled the enable mailing list mode setting. The default email digest frequency was already set to weekly, so all good there.

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