Dongxu (Ed) Huang - The Dark Side of Go: Go’s Runtime Related Problems in TiDB Production Environment

Go’s Runtime Related Problems in TiDB Production Environment

TiDB is a distributed NewSQL database written in Go from the ground up. As the system becomes more complicated, some problems related to Go’s runtime have emerged when applied in production environments. These problems are typical and profound, covering important areas such as memory management, garbage collection, and goroutine scheduling. In this talk, Ed Huang will introduce specific cases in real production environments and share how they reproduced, located, and analyzed these problems.

About Ed

Ed Huang is co-founder and CTO at PingCAP. He is the co-author of several popular open-source projects, such as TiDB, a distributed NewSQL database, and TiKV, a distributed transactional key-value database, and also a CNCF graduated project. He specializes in distributed system design and believes in technology and the open-source culture.

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