Dry Run for setting GraphQL Schema

Assuming the process of setting the GraphQL schema though the /admin endoint is deterministic, from what I understand this does at least two things:

  • it takes those definitions, generates queries and mutations, and serves the generated GraphQL schema (from docs)
  • it mutates the DGraph schema based on the new GraphQL schema.

I’d like to be able to set the GraphQL schema and gather the generated GraphQL schema and the mutated DGraph schema but NOT commit the schema changes - in other words as a dry run.

Is this possible and would it be considered useful to others too? My use case is for a database migration tool I’m building in-house.

Hi @clintwood
Dgraph schema changes are immediately committed, and there is no dry-run provisioned.
You could always start a standalone docker instance and follow the apply schema-extract schema procedure, and then kill the instance.

Thanks @anand - the docker idea is a great idea!