Enterprise features in Dgraph Helm Chart

I’d like to deploy Dgraph to Kubernetes soon (and i’m a Kubernetes newbie), however none of the examples show how to use Dgraph’s Enterprise features like Encryption, ACL and TLS. Can we see some of the Kubernetes configs updated at some point to show how to add these things? :slight_smile:

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We’ll add some more docs and examples for Kubernetes setup. Lots of folks use the Dgraph Helm chart to customize values.

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@dmai Look’s like ACL is added, but would be great to see ACL and Encryption support added to the chart as well! Thanks for the link to this repo tho! :slight_smile:

For TLS. Let me know if the docs/examples make sense.
For Encryption and ACL, this is something I wanted to add, so yep, on it.


Thanks @joaquin :slight_smile:

FYI. In Helm charts repo , ACL and Encryption-at-Rest are supported. I am looking at publishing a new version this week.

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Hey @joaquin i’m trying to deploy the helm chart with Encryption and ACL using the following command:

helm install my_app --values alpha-enc-secret.yaml --values alpha-enc-config.yaml --values alpha-acl-secret.yaml --values alpha-acl-config.yaml dgraph/dgraph

However… in my Kubernetes my_app-dgraph-alpha logs i’m getting Pod errors: CrashLoopBackOff errors and it say’s:
2020-09-01 10:22:35.757 EDT Unable to read HMAC secret from file: /dgraph/acl/hmac_secret_file

Any idea what i’m doing wrong?

Hey @dmitry. We haven’t published the latest Helm chart yet. You can use the example config files and install the chart from the directory itself instead of the dgraph/dgraph chart repo.

And, for the command you shared, the latter --set options override the previous ones for the configFile option. So, ACLs would be set up, but not encryption.

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Thanks so much for that info @dmai :slight_smile: