Exported passwords wont work when reimported

Hi folks.

I’m closing to go production and while doing some tests with backups I came with this.

I’ve created a {user: “user1”, pwd: “ab123456”};

pwd schema is:
pwd : password .

Then I run:

    users(func:  has(__is_users) ) @filter( eq(user, "user1")  ) {
      ok: checkpwd(pwd, "ab123456")


Then if I do:

  1. “curl http://localhost:8080/admin/export”,
  2. stop dgraph,
  3. clear the database by deleting p, w, and zw folders,
  4. start dgraph again,
  5. run dgraph live -r export/dgraph.r6707.u1211.1042/g01.rdf.gz -s export/dgraph.r6707.u1211.1042/g01.schema.gz

And run them same query again, OK === FALSE.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please, advice.

What version? is it after this merge?

Dgraph version : v1.0.10
Commit SHA-1 : 8b801bd7
Commit timestamp : 2018-11-05 17:52:33 -0800
Branch : HEAD

I will update and try again

P.s: any links to this new version?

I believe that v1.0.11-rc4 has it