Force ratel to render all nodes

Ratel usually renders only some nodes from a big query, allowing to show some omitted nodes by clicking on a link ( Only a subset of the graph was rendered.Expand remaining 184 nodes.) Is there any way to force it render a whole graph?

I don’t think so, you have to click on “expand”.

Browsers have some limitations on rendering (depending on the machine, you can only render 1,000 objects without a drop in performance), so we need to slow down. Maybe in the future, when the WebGPU is ready and supported everywhere, we could migrate to WebGPU. Which is thousands of times faster than SVG animation, CSS animation, WebGL, OpenGL, or any other API used on Browsers today under any circumstances. But this is away in the future.

But, if you have a good machine, you can expand until hit your resource limit.