Get all vertices for a node?...and suggestion about examples

hi guys, I really like dgraph so far but something than I like about gremlin is how good is the thinkergraph documentation, I know than take a lot of time write a docs like that but check the examples

they’re using a simple graph for the examples and it’s more simple to follow than the movie db with all those complex and long fields

or even better, in the dgraph home include some code examples with the images at the end of the page, the image about restaurant,friends,places…or compare the gremlin queries with dgraph queries

I think than would be great

also, many times for explore a graph I try to get the incoming or outcoming vertex…is it possible in dgraph?

something like

director(func: allof(“name.en”, “steven spielberg”)) {

thank you so much!!!..

Living this up. Is there a way to get all vertices of a node?

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