Get data out of Dgraph

What are the current clients to get data out of Dgraph?

What I think I have discovered that far:

  • There is no repl
  • use the /query http-interface to get json
  • There are the clients Go, Python, Java

Two questions:

  • I think I read on this discuss that there is an alternative endpoint to /query which is likely to vanish but easier to use in times. What is that, can’t find it any longer
  • Is there a way to extract the homepage showcase of querying Filmbase as a frontend to custom server?

Thank you, Johann

Hi @the42,

We have a /query interface which can be called via curl. And we support querying Dgraph via protocol buffers via GRPC. You can find more information and examples here:

Not sure what you mean. /query is the endpoint to be used with curl, which is the easiest to use at the moment.

You could follow the instructions in Beginner’s Guide in our wiki, which tells you how to load Freebase data in a Dgraph instance. You can then query it, like we do from our frontend.

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