Slash GraphQL Release September 3 2020

Hi All,

We did a release of Slash GraphQL Today.

Release Name: The 1 Click Deployer


  • You will now be able to deploy 4 different Apps built by our Team with a single click using Slash. Head over to the Apps tab in the sidebar and deploy the App of your choice. Your frontend URL will be visible in the Details section in Dashboard along with a link to the Source Code of the repo.
  • You will now be able to change your deployment mode from the UI in Settings tab > Advanced, read more about it here.
  • You will now be able to configure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing from the UI, head over to the Settings tab > CORS.
  • You will now be able to view what Dgraph version your deployment is running if you go to Settings tab > Info
  • Billing and Credits page is now merged into a single page where you can see all information related to the same.
  • A Copy button has been added beside your GraphQL endpoint for your convenience
  • You will now be able to download your schema from the schema tab with the click of a button. We have also added Syntax Colouring on Schema page
  • Bug Fix: Validations added on Payment Info

Flexible Mode

Flexible mode is suitable for users who are already familiar with Dgraph, and intent to interact with their backend with DQL/GraphQL±. Flexible mode removes any restrictions on queries and mutations, and also provides users access to advanced Dgraph features like directly altering the schema with the /alter http and GRPC endpoints.

Running your backend in flexible mode is also a requirement for upcoming features such as support for Dgraph’s ACL.

Does the Flexible mode still generate the GraphQL endpoint? That should be noted one way or the other.

Yes, it does still generate it, but in case you mess it up by applying a schema via the alter endpoint, then you are on your own.

How would the graphql schema and DQL schema work together?

I understand the point of being able to do extra stuff in the DQL side such as facets. Or making a simple predicate (Not type dotted notation) that the GraphQL schema could use with the dgraph directive. I guess what I am really looking to understand better here (and see if it can add value to our use case without making the mess) is can types and predicates be deleted from the GraphQL schema or are they only added? I believe that is the case, so my DQL schema could remove a type/predicate that is required for my graphql endpoint which would create a mess, but my GraphQL schema would be limited on how it could make a mess to an existing or underlying DQL schema, because it could not delete facets or other predicates.

Users were seeing a pop up that said “Unable to get CORS details” intermittently when navigating to the settings page. This pop us has now been removed as part of a bug fix. CORS functionality is unaffected.

Yes, it is possible to drop delete types and predicates from the DQL schema. See here for more documentation:

And your reasoning is correct. GraphQL only creates types, so can work on top of an existing DQL schema.