Dgraph, Svelte & Jamstack

Have decided to build a forthcoming system using a headless CMS as the content repository and GraphQL-enabled clients to submit, manage and query the content.

Looked initially at CockroachDB - a distributed SQL database - as the CMS datastore but as our data is complex, relationship-heavy and rapidly changing, schema maintenance would likely become problematic.

Was excited to learn dGraph not only has many of the distributed scaling benefits of CockroachDB but supports relationship-heavy data via GraphQL natively.

All that remains is to gain some recommendations on the client-side GraphQL libraries and client-side Javascript frameworks. There appear to be many JS frameworks, but one that has caught my eye for small size and speed is Svelte.

Has anyone any experience or recommendations for using dGraph with Svelte generally, or dGraph and the Jamstack pattern specifically.

Hey, we actually do have another user who has been playing around with Slash and Svelte (and auth0). There are some learnings over here: Svelte auth0 example

We’d be more than happy to hear about your learnings, and whatever we can do to help support you. The JAM stack is something we are keeping a very close eye on

Author the of the Svelte example @gja mentioned, here. I used svelte-apollo, as the dgraph docs use apollo and it was written by Rich, the Svelte creator. It has worked great for me so I haven’t tried anything else. If you end up using dopry/svelte-auth0, know that you’ll need to wait for a this merge to propagate to NPM or apply it locally yourself (which is what I’ve done for now).

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I am using Svelte.

Along with:

  1. Apollo GraphQL to handle GraphQL queries in front end.
  2. Slash GraphQL as GraphQL server. (It’s Managed GraphQL service by Dgraph team).
  3. Commons Host as CDN for hosting the static files. (It has HTTP/2, Brotli support out of the box, and Instant Cache Invalidation).

Together, they make one master of Jamstack!

P.S. I never heard of the term Jamstack, thank you for enlightening me.

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Thanks for the heads up!

Nice to know I’m on the right (and cutting edge) path!

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